Why Do Professional Carpet Cleaners in Singapore

Why Do Professional Carpet Cleaners in Singapore Use Steam Cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaners in Singapore Use Steam Cleaning

www.penielcleaning.com.sg – Before, when professional carpet cleaners help you clean your carpets, they use the traditional shampooing and vacuuming of the carpets. Back then, it was enough to clean the carpets. However, technology has now advanced and there are more sophisticated and effective cleaning methods to clean the carpets.

  • Thorough Cleaning
    When you want to clean something, you would want it to be completely clean. We discover that regular vacuum cleaners are not enough to clean the entire carpet. They only clean the outermost part of the carpet and do not clean the inner layers. As a result, the innermost layers are untouched and become contaminated with bacteria. This is because most vacuums lack the suction power needed to fully remove the dirt, bacteria and debris that buildup in the carpet fibres.

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With Steam Cleaning, the detergent and vaporised water can combine and give better cleaning results. Professional carpet cleaners in Singapore use powerful vacuums that are capable of producing high pressure steam to clean and penetrate deep into the inner layers of the carpet, all the way to the base. The cleaning of the carpet is much more thorough and complete, providing a longer-lasting carpet cleaning.

  • Shampoo Residue
    Shampooing carpets may sometimes give positive results in the cleanliness of the carpets. However, it can give detrimental results. More often than not, using shampoo to clean carpets can leave detergent residue in the fibres of the carpet cleaning Singapore. The detergent residue can damage your carpet fibres, reducing the lifespan of your carpet. When the carpets are exposed to the detergent residue, over a long period, your carpet will become damaged and you would have to buy a new one. Doing this over and over again would cost a lot of money. To save money, you should find an alternative way to clean your carpets.

Furthermore, the shampoo residue is toxic to human health. The shampoo we use to clean carpets is not the same as the shampoo we use to wash our hair. The shampoo for cleaning carpets is very harsh in the form of detergent. Over exposure of the detergent to our skin can cause the toxic chemicals to be absorbed by our skin. It can cause our skin to be irritated or have rashes. Hence, shampooing carpets are no longer a reasonable method to clean your carpets cleaner Singapore.

  • Fastest Wet Carpet Cleaning Method

Wet cleaning methods are better than dry carpet cleaning methods as there are some dirt that dry carpet cleaning methods cannot remove. Those types of dirt can only be removed by dissolving it with water then vacuuming away. If they are not dissolved, they will be stuck to the carpet which may make the carpet dirtier over time. Water-based shampoo treatment require a longer time to clean the carpet, up to a few days. Using steam cleaners to clean your carpets would only require a couple of hours to completely dry. The vacuum on steam cleaners are so strong that 95% of the excess moisture is removed by the steam cleaners.

Furthermore, steam cleaning does not introduce unwanted carpet humidity and leaves them dry. This will prevent the growth of mold and mildew as they thrive in wet and dirty carpet surfaces. If the carpet is too wet, it could lead to wicking of the carpet where the moisture causes stains to appear on the carpet.

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